Resilient Sounds: Celebrating the determination and hope of Houston’s refugee communities

The Houston Symphony—in partnership with Rice University, University of Houston, and Interfaith Ministries for Greater Houston—celebrates the determination and hope of Houston’s refugee communities. Under the supervision and mentorship of Houston Symphony Composer-in-Residence Jimmy López Bellido, six composers from Rice and UH are paired with members of Houston’s refugee community, so that each composer tells their refugee partner’s story through the universal language of music. Creative partners—such as vocalists, writers, dancers, or filmmakers—join each pair to help bring these stories to life. The culmination of the project is a public performance of all six works featuring members of the Houston Symphony at White Oak Music Hall on June 11.

The evening’s pieces are Personas Invisibles by Alejandro Basulto, with dance & choreography by Bethany Garcia; Bella Laeta by Kyle Rivera, with words by Brendan Stephens; What It Takes to Thrive by Patrick W. Lenz, with words by Logan Butcher and narration & acting by Muhammad Yunus-Khaerisman; Refugee Resilience by Erin Graham, with poetry by Stalina Villarreal and vocals by Julie Moore; To Dream of Jasmines by Victor Rangel, with film by Erica Cheung; and Hoppa! 3 by Erberk Eryılmaz, with violin by Evie Chen.

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Watch a concert preview:


There are no upcoming dates for this event.


A. BASULTO Personas Invisibles for Chamber Orchestra
K. RIVERA Bella Laeta
P. W. LENZ What It Takes to Thrive
E. GRAHAM Refugee Resilience
V. RANGEL To Dream of Jasmines for Chamber Orchestra
E. ERYILMAZ Hoppa! 3 for Solo Violin and Chamber Orchestra


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