Board & Staff

Administrative Staff

John Mangum Executive Director/CEO, Margaret Alkek Williams Chair
Pam Blaine Chief of Education and Community Engagement
Elizabeth S. Condic Chief Financial Officer
Vicky Dominguez Chief Operating Officer
Nancy Giles Chief Development Officer
Gwen Watkins Chief Marketing Officer

Christine Kelly-Weaver Executive Assistant/Board Liaison

Julie Busch, Manager, League Relations and Fundraising
Megan Carrigan, Development Associate, Gifts and Records
J. Steven Covington, Director, Endowment and Planned Giving
Timothy Dillow, Director, Corporate Relations
Amanda T. Dinitz, Major Gifts Officer
Samuel Garciá, Development Associate
Amber Jones, Manager, Donor Stewardship
Megan McIlwain, Development Associate, Institutional Giving
Tyler Murphy, Development Officer, Major Giving Groups
Shane L. Platt, Development Associate, Individual Giving
Martin Schleuse, Senior Manager, Development Communications
Samantha Sheats, Major Gifts Officer
Molly Simpson, Senior Director, Development
Jennifer Staples, Manager, Special Events
Christine Ann Stevens, Director, Individual Giving
Lena Streetman, Research Analyst
Christina Trunzo, Director, Foundation Relations

Allison Conlan, Director, Education
Anna Dean, Education & Community Engagement Coordinator
Emily Nelson, Associate Director, Education and Community Engagement
Ana Rodriguez, Education and Community Engagement Manager

Brittany Basden, Support Engineer
Robert Boyd, Budget Manager
Henry Cantu, Accountant II
Kimberly Cegielski, Staff Accountant
Joel James, Senior Human Resources Manager
Jessica Jelinek, Database Manager
Tanya Lovetro, Director, Finance
Morgana Rickard, Controller
Gabriela Rivera, Senior Accountant
Anthony Stringer, Director, IT
Ariela Ventura, Office Manager/Human Resources Coordinator
Lee Whatley, Senior Director, IT and Analytics

Mark Bailes, Marketing Coordinator
Calvin Dotsey, Publications and Content Editor
Heather Fails, Manager, Ticketing Database
BreeAngela Hamilton, Digital Marketing Coordinator
Kerry Ingram, Director, Digital Marketing
Kathryn Judd, Director, Marketing
Melanie O’Neill, Creative Specialist
John B. Pollard II, Assistant Manager, Patron Services
Sarah Rendón, Front of House Manager
Mireya Reyna, Publicist
Vanessa Rivera, Digital Marketing Manager
Ashley Rodriguez, Patron Services Senior Representative
Eric Skelly, Senior Director, Communications
Melissa Taylor, Graphic Designer
Jenny Zuniga, Director, Patron Services

Carlos Andrés Botero, Musical Ambassador
Becky Brown, Director, Operations
Stephanie Calascione, Artistic Operations Assistant
Anna Diemer, Chorus Manager
Nick DiFonzo, Stage Technician
Jessica Fertinel, Assistant to the Music Director
Michael Gorman, Orchestra Personnel Manager
Aspen McArthur, Assistant Librarian
Michael McMurray, Assistant Librarian
Relyn Myrthil, Assistant Orchestra Personnel Manager
José Rios, Assistant Stage Manager
Lesley Sabol, Director, Popular Programming
Brad Sayles, Recording Engineer
Stefan Stout, Stage Manager
Thomas Takaro, Librarian
Meredith Williams, Associate Director, Operations
Rebecca Zabinski, Director, Artistic Planning

Society Board of Trustees

President Janet F. Clark
President-Elect John Rydman
Chairman, Immediate Past President Steven P. Mach
General Counsel Paul Morico
Chairman Emeritus Mike S. Stude
Secretary Barbara McCelvey
Executive Director/CEO John Mangum^
Chair, Popular Programming Evan B. Glick
Chair, Finance Barbara J. Burger
Chair, Artistic & Orchestra Affairs Miles O. Smith
Chair, Governance and Leadership Brad W. Corson
Chair, Development Viviana Denechaud
Chair, Community Partnerships Tracy Dieterich
At Large, Immediate Past Chair Bobby Tudor
Chair, Volunteers & Special Events Mary Lynn Marks
Chair, Education Billy McCartney
President, Houston Symphony Endowment William J. Toomey II
Chair, Strategic Planning Robert Orr
Chair, Marketing and Communications Manolo Sánchez
Chair, Audit Jesse B. Tutor
President, Houston Symphony League Maureen Higdon^
Music Director Andrés Orozco-Estrada^
Musician Representative Adam Dinitz^
Musician Representative Mark Hughes^
Musician Representative Mark Nuccio^
Assistant Secretary Christine Kelly-Weaver^

*In Memoriam

Farida Abjani
Michael W. Adler
Marcia Backus
Janice Barrow**
Gary Beauchamp
Bill Bullock
Barbara J. Burger
Janet F. Clark
Brad W. Corson
Viviana Denechaud
Michael Doherty
Terry Cheyney
Rick Jaramillo
Sippi Khurana, M.D.
Rochelle Levit, Ph.D.
Cora Sue Mach**
Steven P. Mach
Paul M. Mann, M.D.
Rodney Margolis**
Jay Marks**
Mary Lynn Marks
Billy McCartney
Barbara McCelvey
Alexander K. McLanahan**
Paul R. Morico
Robert Orr
John Rydman**
Miles O. Smith
Anthony Speier
Mike S. Stude**
William J. Toomey II
Bobby Tudor**
Betty Tutor**
Jesse B. Tutor**
Judith Vincent
Margaret Alkek Williams**
Scott Wulfe
David Wuthrich



Tracy Dieterich
Evan B. Glick
Maureen Higdon
Nina McGlashan
Gloria G. Pryzant
Manolo Sánchez
Andrés Orozco-Estrada
John Mangum
Mark Nuccio
Adam Dinitz
Mark Hughes
Christine Kelly-Weaver

**Lifetime Trustee

Jonathan Ayre
David J. Beck
James M. Bell Jr.
Devinder Bhatia, M.D.
Nancy Shelton Bratic
Terry Ann Brown**
Eric Brueggeman
Ralph Burch
Justice Brett Busby
Dougal Cameron
John T. Cater**
Michael H. Clark
Virginia Clark
Evan D. Collins, M.D., MBA
Andrew Davis, Ph.D.
Tracy Dieterich
Bob Duff
Joan Duff
Kelli Cohen Fein, M.D.
Jeffrey B. Firestone
Eugene A. Fong
Aggie. L. Foster
Julia Anderson Frankel
Ron Franklin
Betsy Garlinger
Evan B. Glick
Susan A. Hansen
Gary L. Hollingsworth
Steven Incavo, M.D.
Brian James
Tammie Johnson
I. Ray Kirk, M.D.
David Krieger
Ulyesse J. LeGrange**
Carlos J. López
Michael Mann, M.D.
Jack Matzer
Jackie Wolens Mazow
Gary Mercer
Marilyn Miles
Shane A. Miller
Janet Moore
Leslie Nossaman
Scott Nyquist
Edward Osterberg Jr.
Gloria G. Pryzant
David Pruner
Tadd Pullin
Floyd Robinson
Miwa Sakashita
Manolo Sánchez
Ed Schneider
Christian Schwartz
Helen Shaffer**
Michael E. Shannon**
Robert B. Sloan, D.D., Theol.
Jim R. Smith
Tad Smith
Ishwaria Subbiah, M.D.
L. Proctor (Terry) Thomas III
Shirley W. Toomim
Margaret Waisman, M.D.
Fredric A. Weber
Mrs. S. Conrad Weil
Robert Weiner
Vicki West
Steven J. Williams
Frank Wilson
Ellen A. Yarrell
Robert Yekovich
Frank Yonish



Ann Ayre
Jessie Woods
David Lopez

**Lifetime Trustee

Houston Symphony Endowment

William J. Toomey II, President
Gene Dewhurst
James Lee
Lynn Mathre
Jerry Simon
Scott Wise

An endowed fund can be permanently established within the Houston Symphony Society through a direct contribution or via a planned gift such as a bequest. The fund can be designated for general purposes or specific interests.

For more information, please contact: Steven Covington, Director of Endowment and Planned Giving, at [email protected] or 713.337.8532.

Accenture (Andersen Consulting) Fund
AIG American General Fund
M.D. Anderson Foundation Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Philip Bahr Fund
Janice H. & Thomas D. Barrow Fund
Ronald C. Borschow Fund
The Brown Foundation Guest Pianist Fund
The Brown Foundation’s Miller Outdoor Theatre Fund in memory of Hanni & Stewart Orton
Margarett & Alice Brown Endowment Fund for Education
Lawrence E. Carlton, M.D. Endowment Fund for Youth Programs
Jane & Robert Cizik Fund
The Janet Clark Fund
Cooper Industries, Inc. Fund
The Cullen Foundation Maestro’s Fund
The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts Fund for Creative Initiatives
DuPont Corporation Fund
Elkins Charitable Trust Agency Fund
The Margaret & James A. Elkins Foundation Fund
Virginia Lee Elverson Trust Fund
William Stamps Farish Fund
Dr. Kelli Cohen Fein & Martin J. Fein Fund
Richard P. Garmany Fund for the Houston Symphony League Concerto Competition
Jo A. & Billie Jo Graves Fund
George & Mary Josephine Hamman Foundation Fund
The William Randolph Hearst Endowed Fund for Education Programs
General & Mrs. Maurice Hirsch Memorial Concert Fund in memory of Theresa Meyer and Jules Hirsch, beloved parents of General Maurice Hirsch, and Rosetta Hirsch Weil and Josie Hirsch Bloch, beloved sisters of General Maurice Hirsch
Houston Arts Combined Endowment Fund
The Houston Symphony Chorus Endowment Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Kaplan Fund
Ann Kennedy & Geoffrey Walker Fund
Rochelle & Max Levit Fund
Mary R. Lewis Fund for Piano Performance
Mach Family Audience Development Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Rodney H. Margolis Fund
Mr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Marks Fund
The Marks Charitable Foundation
Marian & Speros Martel Foundation Fund
Speros P. Martel Fund
Barbara & Pat McCelvey Fund
The Menil Foundation Fund
Monroe Mendelsohn Jr. Estate
George P. & Cynthia Woods Mitchell Summer Concerts Fund
Sue A. Morrison & Children Fund
National Endowment for the Arts Fund
Stewart Orton Fund
Papadopoulos Fund
C. Howard Pieper Foundation
Nancy & Robert Peiser Fund
Fayez Sarofim Guest Violinist Fund through The Cullen Trust for the Performing Arts
Selma S. Neumann Fund
Spec’s Charitable Foundation Salute to Educators Concert Fund
The Micajah S. Stude Special Production Fund
Estate of Mr. Walter W. Sapp Fund
The Schissler Foundation Fund
Mr. & Mrs. William T. Slick Jr. Fund
Dorothy Barton Thomas Fund
Bobby & Phoebe Tudor Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Jesse B. Tutor Fund
Dede & Connie Weil Fund
The Wortham Foundation Classical Series Fund endowed in memory of Gus S. & Lyndall F. Wortham
The Wortham Foundation Fund
The Alice & David C. Bintliff — Messiah Concert Fund
Mrs. Ermy Borlenghi Bonfield Fund
Mr. Lee A. Clark Fund
Gene & Linda Dewhurst Fund
Charles Engelhard Foundation Fund
Michael B. & Christine E. George Fund — to support Piano Performance Concerts
Stephen & Mariglyn Glenn Fund
Dr. Gary L. Hollingsworth & Dr. Ken Hyde Fund
Drs. M.S. & Marie-Luise Kalsi Fund
Martha Kleymeyer Fund
Mr. E. W. Long Jr. Fund
Jay & Shirley Marks Fund
Dan Feigal Prosser Fund
Rockwell Fund, Inc. Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Clive Runnells Fund
Mr. & Mrs. Matt K. Schatzman Fund
Mr. & Mrs. James A. Shaffer Fund
Texas Eastern Fund
Nancy B. Willerson
Mr. & Mrs. C. Clifford Wright Jr.


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