The Houston Symphony pledges to continue and grow initiatives to improve equity, inclusivity, and diversity with refreshed and renewed commitment at every level of our organization. This includes race, ethnicity, cultural experiences, gender identity and expression, sexual orientation, age, socioeconomic status, physical and mental ability, education, and religion.

During the 2020–21 season, we committed to include musical selections composed by women and people of color on all programs, and we will continue that process into the coming 2021–22 season.


The mission of the Houston Symphony is to inspire and engage a large and diverse audience in Greater Houston and beyond through exceptional orchestral and non-orchestral performances, educational programs and community activities.


In 2025, the Houston Symphony will be America’s most relevant and accessible top-ten orchestra.


Excellence: Committed to the highest level of artistic, administrative, board and volunteer quality and performance

Community Engagement: Foster meaningful experiences with our patrons and community

Education: Promote learning opportunities for listeners and students of all ages

Innovation: Pioneer and implement new and creative ideas in our work

Relevance: Provide musical performances and resources that enhance the lives of our stakeholders and community

Financial Sustainability: Responsibly invest in our present and dutifully plan for our future

Inclusivity: Embrace and promote diversity across all levels of our organization

Collaboration: Approach relationships with a spirit of respect and interconnectedness

Vision 2025: A Strategic Plan for Transformational Change

Through a yearlong process in 2014 that drew on the expertise of over four dozen members of the Houston Symphony’s board, orchestra, staff and community members, our organizational goals have been refined to reflect the values we hold most dear and the organization we wish to become.

Learn more about our future plans in our 2025 Houston Symphony Strategic Plan.

THE 2021–22 SEASON

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