Renovating Jones Hall:

Exciting Updates to A Beloved Houston Landmark

One of the most distinctive edifices in the downtown Houston landscape, Jones Hall is a beloved landmark to generations of Houston concert-goers, and a landmark worth preserving. Over the past three summers, this cherished theater has been undergoing extensive renovations. And there’s much more to come.

Jones Hall’s iconic exterior profile remains intact, while the interior is being redesigned to significantly enhance the concert-going experience. The recently installed vertical aisles and the already dramatically improved acoustics are just the beginning.

Further substantial enhancement of acoustics in the hall are planned, to give you the best, most natural, and excellent audial experience of your Houston Symphony in concert.

At the beginning of the 2023–24 Season, there were new seats in the auditorium, a new orchestra shell, and a sizeable increase to the number of bathroom facilities on the Hall’s courtyard level. The lobby has been reconfigured to create more spaces for patrons to enjoy Jones Hall, including expansion and enhancement of the green room. Restroom access has been improved, with a new, wider staircase that goes directly from the Louisiana Street lobby to the courtyard men’s and women’s lounges.

Technical and infrastructure improvements backstage, include new, modernized stage automation control, and the introduction of fiber networks, ushering in a new era for Jones Hall of state-of-the-art audio and visual capabilities for broadcasting, livestreaming, and stage effects.

ADA improvements to the auditorium and to the Texas Avenue entrance will make the Hall more accessible than it has ever been, including more seats for those in wheelchairs, improved cross-hall access, and more access points from Texas Avenue to reduce elevator usage.

During the summers of 2024 and 2025, we will make additional improvements to the Hall. Summer 2024 sees the completion of acoustic improvements to the auditorium with the installation of a forestage reflector. This ceiling piece will be above the downstage area, reinforcing sound from the violins, cellos, basses, and soloists during Houston Symphony performances.

Improvements to spaces that support our musicians and performers backstage, as well as accessibility improvements on the Texas Avenue side of the facility, will take place during summer 2025.

Jones Hall will be better than ever when it celebrates its 60th anniversary in 2026, a world-class venue for your great Houston Symphony and for all of our city to enjoy. Thank you for your patience and understanding as we make these improvements.

Jones Hall Renovation FAQs

What updates will I notice?

  • At the start of our 2023–24 Season in September, patrons can look forward to brand new seats, along with an increase to the number of restroom facilities on the courtyard level
  • If you’ve been to a Symphony concert this season, you may have noticed that vertical aisles have already been added to the auditorium, making it easier to get to your seat
  • Acoustic updates will be completed at the start of our 2024-25 season with the installation of the forestage reflector
  • Reconfiguration of the lobby to create more open spaces for patrons to enjoy Jones Hall
  • Expansion and enhancement of the green room
  • Easier access to restrooms and widened stairs to the lower level
  • State-of-the-art audio and visual capabilities

What other changes can I expect?

Future updates include:

  • Accessibility improvements to the auditorium and the Texas Avenue entrance
  • Improvements to backstage spaces to better support our musicians

What’s the timeline?

Further renovations will be carried out in the summers of 2024 and 2025. The majority of renovation work will be done during summers to cause minimal disruption to your concert experience from September to May.

New Seats, New Numbers

The new auditorium seats will use a new numbering system for the orchestra level. On the Louisiana Street side, all seats will have odd numbers. On the Texas Avenue side, all seats will have even numbers. In the center-orchestra section, seating will start with number 101.

Thank you to our donors

We are grateful to the generous donors who have contributed more than $50 million to date toward our $60 million goal.

$1 Million and More

An Anonymous Friend of Jones Hall
The City of Houston / Houston First Corporation
The Robert and Jane Cizik Family
Janet F. Clark
The Cullen Foundation
Nancy and Charles Davidson
The Elkins Foundation
Houston Endowment
Barbara and Pat McCelvey
The Shirley and David Toomim Family
The Wortham Foundation, Inc.

$100,000 to $1 Million

Mr. & Mrs. J. Stephen Marks
Beverly and James Postl
Vivian L. Smith Foundation

Support the renovation:

If you are interested in supporting the renovation of Jones Hall, please contact Christine Ann Stevens at 713.337.8521 or Kimberly Sterling at 713.807.8661.

Patrons will have the opportunity to sponsor new seats in the auditorium, with season ticket holders receiving given priority. More information will be announced in 2024.

A note for our renewing Classical, Bank of America POPS, and PNC Family Series subscribers:

Due to the numbering change, the seating assignment on your renewal form may look different, but rest assured that it’s the same physical location. In a few cases, we may need to shift your location slightly due to a reduced number of seats; if this happens, you will receive a phone call from our Patron Services Center.