Thankful for Subscribers! Happy Subscriber Appreciation Month

Houston Symphony musicians and patron services team holding signs that read,

Thankful for Subscribers! Happy Subscriber Appreciation Month

Houston Symphony subscribers are a vital part of the Symphony family. While we are thankful for them every day, November marks our annual Subscriber Appreciation Month when we get to show just how much you mean to us!

Did you know that on average, roughly 40% off annual ticket sales come from our loyal subscriber base alone? Subscribers’ support ensures the longevity of the Houston Symphony for generations to come. We reached out to two loyal subscribers to share their favorite Houston Symphony memories and more.

Houston Symphony: How long have you been a Symphony subscriber?
Andrew Gould:
My wife, Rebecca, and I have been hybrid subscribers [a mixture of Classical and POPS concerts] since the 2015–16 season. Additionally, we are also members of the Young Associates Council.
Kevin Taylor: My husband Michael and I subscribed to your Classical series about five years ago.

Houston Symphony subscribers Andrew and Rebecca Gould.

HS: How were you first introduced to the Symphony?
In early 2016, Rebecca heard that the Symphony would be performing a Music of John Williams concert. She knew that I had grown up listening to John Williams’s music, so she bought us tickets. We immediately fell in love with the Symphony and became subscribers to both Classical and POPS concerts. What I love most about the Houston Symphony is the world-class talent of the musicians. They play such a wide range of pieces—from Classical to POPS and back again—and they do so flawlessly.
KT: We first learned about the Symphony shortly after arriving in Houston in 2001. We would occasionally attend a few concerts here and there throughout the years, but about five years ago decided to take the plunge and get season tickets. I love getting to hear the mixture of familiar favorites and also experiencing new (to me) works.

HS: How would you convey the experience of a Symphony concert to someone who has never attended before?
Whether it’s for a Classical or POPS concert, going to Jones Hall for a Houston Symphony concert is one of our favorite things to do. We are so lucky in Houston to have one of America’s best symphonies and two of the world’s best conductors in Andrés Orozco-Estrada and Steven Reineke. The musicians play with such energy and passion, and they do so flawlessly. And between the Classical and POPS series, the Symphony offers a wide variety of concerts for all musical tastes. It’s a wonderful experience.
KT: I enjoy the whole experience, from dressing up (although you don’t have to!), to wandering the amazing Jones Hall lobby, to the actual concert itself.

Houston Symphony subscribers Michael Moore and Kevin Taylor (right).

HS: If you could attend a Symphony concert with any composer, who would you choose and why?
If I had to pick one, I would choose George Gershwin. Gershwin had such a fun and unique composition style, and so many of his pieces are etched into Americana. I would love to sit next to him at a concert and watch his reactions as the music is played.
KT: Leonard Bernstein. He was such an amazing conductor, performer, composer, and teacher. I would love to hear all about his adventurous life, firsthand.

HS: If you could play an instrument in the Symphony, which would you choose?
I grew up playing the piano, so I’d stick with my first love.
KT: The saxophone—that’s what I play. I know it’s a bit limiting, but there’s always Bolero!

—Mark Bailes

Whether you’re a first-time Houston Symphony subscriber or a longtime legacy supporter, we appreciate your patronage and can’t wait to see you at Jones Hall for your next performance. Not a subscriber yet? Pick your perfect package today.

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