Love for music started in childhood

Love for music started in childhood

Music has been a significant part of my life from a very young age. My grandparents played a large role in making me interested in music as a child. I’ve got lots of wonderful memories of going to concerts with my grandparents and learning to play the piano at their house. Grandpa has said on more than one occasion that a day he doesn’t hear any classical music is a bad day.

All of the exposure to music as a child really cemented a love for it that has lasted throughout my life. It also inspired me to see if I had any musical talent. I joined the choir in elementary school, and then moved on to band in middle school and started playing the tuba. I continued playing the tuba in high school and I can remember really getting into marching competitions. Music was an important creative outlet for me, and it’s no coincidence that a ton of my time as a kiddo involved music.

-Bryan Kahn, Houston Symphony patron

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