Play to the Beat of Your Own Drum! Kids Activity

Play to the Beat of Your Own Drum! Kids Activity

Hi, kids! Today we are going to talk about the beat in music using the “Imperial March” from Star Wars!

But what exactly is a beat? I’m glad you asked! The beat in music is a steady pulse that you feel in your body, kind of like your heartbeat or a clock tick. It’s what you naturally clap along to or tap your foot to. Find a clock and clap along with each tick or place your hand on your heart to feel it beating and tap your foot along with it.

Pick out two glowsticks in your favorite color (or two colors!) and find a bucket or pot from your kitchen to use as a drum. With the clock you used earlier to clap along to, tap on your “drum” in time with the clock. If you don’t have a clock you can use this one.

A beat can be fast or slow. A clock ticking represents a slow beat, but the beat can also be fast!

The object keeping the beat in the video above is called a metronome. Musicians use a metronome to keep the beat when they are practicing to make sure they don’t play too fast or too slow. If you play an instrument, have you used a metronome when you practice?

THE CHALLENGE: Use glowsticks and buckets (or a pot) to demonstrate the beat in the “Imperial March.”

Now that we’ve played a fast and slow beat let’s add music! Turn the lights off to see your glowsticks and drum along to the beat of the “Imperial March” from Star Wars!

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