Kids, Create Your Own Aviary Inspired by Music!

Kids, Create Your Own Aviary Inspired by Music!

Hi, kids! Let’s continue our journey to see how music can help us discover more about animals! Last week, we talked about the kangaroo, elephant, and aquarium movements in The Carnival of the Animals, a piece by composer Camille Saint-Saëns (pronounced Cuh MEEL san-SOHN(s) with a hint of an “s” at the end).

Ready for an art + music challenge? Watch this video with Anna Dean, education & community engagement coordinator!

THE CHALLENGE: Make your own origami bird… or two! Or three! Add googly eyes, glitter, colors, and more! Try to make your bird(s) move around to the Aviary music from Carnival of the Animals. Post a picture of your bird(s) on Facebook and Instagram with the hashtag #HoustonSymphonyDraws for the world to see.

Follow this quick tutorial to make your origami bird:

Or, if you’d rather draw your own bird, follow this tutorial:

Once you’ve made your bird, let’s listen to Aviary. An aviary is a large cage or enclosure where birds live together. While listening, ask yourself these questions:

  • What instrument do you hear? Take a look at this website to see if you can determine which instrument Saint-Saëns highlights in Aviary.
  • How many birds do you hear flying?
  • What colors are the birds?
  • What the birds saying?

Listen to the music:

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