Go High, Go Low! Kids Activity Inspired by Richard Strauss

Go High, Go Low! Kids Activity Inspired by Richard Strauss

Hi, kids! Today we are going to talk about high and low sounds using the music Also sprach Zarathustra by Richard (pronounced REE-card) Strauss!

THE CHALLENGE: We are going to use our bodies and objects around the house to demonstrate these high and low-pitched sounds. Did you see the recent rocket ship launch into space? We can pretend our bodies are rockets going up to SPACE as the music gets higher and higher!

Which objects did you find to make high or low-pitched sounds? Did you reach for space when the music was high? Did you tap on a box (or another low-pitched object) near the floor to make low sounds?

Note for parents: it’s common for children to misinterpret high and low to mean volume (or dynamics) as opposed to pitch, since they understand the effects of turning the volume up or down. If you see this in your child’s listening, you could play around with repeating “this is a high note” (in a high-pitched voice) and “this is a low note” (in a low-pitched voice) with your child so they begin to distinguish the differences in pitch.

Listen to Richard Strauss’s Also sprach Zarathustra:

Hear and read more about Richard Strauss! June 11 is the composer’s birthday. Learn more

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