Duet in the Time of Social Distancing: “Bésame Mucho”

Raniel Joubert, violin, plays with Dave Connor, bass

Duet in the Time of Social Distancing: “Bésame Mucho”

“To be able to perform this song creates an emotional bridge.”

In a video created in their Houston homes, Houston Symphony Community-Embedded Musicians Rainel Joubert, violin, and David Connor, double bass, find a way to duet in a time of social distancing.

For their virtual concert, Rainel selected “Bésame Mucho,” which he and Dave have performed often at community concerts and other events. They share their take on the classic, a 1940 song written by Consuelo Velázquez.

Rainel Joubert: I grew up in Cuba listening to this song. It’s a bolero, a song that is danceable but slow. A lot of people with Latin American heritage identify with that song—it’s a beautiful tune, but it also reflects where we’re from.

David Connor: A lot of times when we start playing this song during concerts, we can feel the energy in the audience. Something in the melody of this song is nostalgic, and easy to connect to.

RJ: It reminds me of nice memories of Saturday mornings, when I would be out of school, Mom and Dad would be cooking, and the radio would be on.

DC: I’m realizing more and more that during this time, music is going to bring comfort to people in a really meaningful way. I’ve been at home listening to a lot more recordings and allowing myself to focus fully on the music. This connection is easier with live music, but it can happen at home, too, if we give ourselves the time and the right music.

RJ: I hope this song brings a little bit of hope and joy for people who can’t be close to their family right now. My parents are in Cuba, and there are a lot of things I would love to do for them but can’t. To be able to perform this song creates an emotional bridge.

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