A Trio Debut: Living Room Series Q&A with Aralee Dorough, Colin Gatwood, and Corin Gatwood

A Trio Debut: Living Room Series Q&A with Aralee Dorough, Colin Gatwood, and Corin Gatwood

On Friday, June 12, Houston Symphony musicians Aralee Dorough, principal flute, and Colin Gatwood, oboe, invite you into their home for a livestream concert performance in summer’s Living Room Series. Their son, Corin Gatwood, joins on electric bass, too—marking the first time that all three have performed publicly together.

Houston Symphony: What has the process been like to prepare for the concert?
Aralee Dorough: Colin and I decided we would include some pre-recorded material that we created ourselves as accompaniment for some of the concert. We’ve both been spending hours learning to record and create music on the computer during this time off from the orchestra, so it felt like that should be part of the sharing we do from our living room at this time. I’ve written a piece specifically for this event to feature our son, Corin, on the electric bass, and allow us to do some improvisation to bring together our different musical perspectives. In addition, we’ve found some very traditional repertoire that works for our three instruments beautifully and simply.

Is there a piece on the program that’s a family favorite?
Colin Gatwood: I enjoy all of the music, of course, but I think I am most proud of playing the Bach “Air on a G String” because it includes our son.
Corin Gatwood: I’m looking forward to playing the Bach too. It is a fun and challenging piece to play on the fretless bass. It is also my first time playing classical music live!

Corin Gatwood, performing with his band Xanthan.

Aralee and Colin, you both came from musical families, and now you’re performing a concert with your son. How did your experiences shape how you view playing music together as a family?
Aralee: I grew up in a very musical household! My father, Bob Dorough—jazz musician and creator of Schoolhouse Rock—always created situations where I could play with him. Although he was a hardworking professional musician, he also loved to play for fun, and to entertain people in casual settings. He didn’t make any distinction of importance between serious performances and casual ones, or between one genre of music and another. I feel the same way in our household: we take all our music very seriously, and at the same time try to remember that it is something to simply enjoy or share. I think this concert is the perfect intersection of the reasons we love music!
Colin: I am lucky enough to have performed with my mom who played violin, my dad who played oboe, and my father-in-law who played piano! It is wonderful getting to perform with our son. I suppose more than anything, it should be fun.

Corin, how long have you been performing?
Corin: I started playing bass at age 15. The band Primus got me interested in playing the 6-string fretless bass, an unusual variant from the traditional 4-string fretted electric bass. I love playing my music for people around Houston—I recently played a show in Austin before the shutdown!

Do you have any favorite memories of past performances, whether in public or at home?
Colin: I have been working on a recording of a jazz–rock fusion piece and did get Corin to lay down the bass track for that, but this is the first time the three of us have performed live together.

Watch Aralee, Colin, and Corin perform together! Get tickets for the Living Room Series concert on Friday, June 12.

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