Houston Symphony League Bay Area

Houston Symphony League Bay Area

The Houston Symphony League Bay Area (HSLBA) is a dream realized by Fran Strong and Selma Neumann. Chartered in 1976 under the auspices of the Houston Symphony, its mission is to support the Houston Symphony, to provide music enrichment programs in the Clear Creek ISD schools and to promote music appreciation in the Bay Area community.

In fulfilling its goal of providing music enrichment programs, HSLBA underwrites both the expenses of musical presentations in local elementary schools and the cost of sending 5th graders to student concert performances at Jones Hall. League members raise funds for these activities through their annual “Day by the Bay” Home Tour each spring.

HSLBA Membership Benefits

Members of the Houston Symphony League Bay Area and their guests attend monthly musical performances at the League’s general meetings. The League organizes bus transportation for members and their friends to attend concerts at Jones Hall as part of their community outreach.

Membership in HSLBA is open to anyone who wants to enjoy, support or promote the music of the Houston Symphony. For further information, contact Houston Symphony League Bay Area at hslba.org.

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