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In this livestream performance, the Houston Symphony winds perform Mozart’s lyrical Serenade in C minor. And, eights are wild with Silvestre Revueltas’s vivacious Ocho Por Radio and Stravinsky’s playful Octet for Wind Instruments.

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Estimated running time: 1 hour


Aug 1
Saturday, 8:00 PM
at Livestream Link


REVUELTAS Ocho Por Radio
Alexander Potiomkin, clarinet
Rian Craypo bassoon
Mark Hughes, trumpet
Sophia Silivos, violin
Annie Chen, violin
Christopher French, cello
Timothy Dilenschneider, double bass
Matthew Strauss, percussion

STRAVINSKY Octet for Wind Instruments
Aralee Dorough, flute
Thomas LeGrand clarinet
Rian Craypo, bassoon
Elise Wagner, bassoon
John Parker, trumpet
Robert Walp, trumpet
Bradley White, trombone
Phillip Freeman, trombone

MOZART Serenade No. 12 (Nachtmusik)
Jonathan Fischer, oboe
Colin Gatwood, oboe
Thomas Legrand, clarinet
Alexander Potiomkin, clarinet
Rian Craypo, bassoon
Elise Wagner, bassoon
Nancy Goodearl, horn
Brian Thomas, horn




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