Middle School Concerts

Part of The Robbins Foundation Student Concert Series, the Houston Livestock and Rodeo Middle School Concerts are 55-minute, full orchestra concerts presented in Jones Hall during the school-day for grades 6-8 band and orchestra students. These concerts are designed to:

  • Inspire students to further their involvement in music
  • Strengthen students’ connection to music
  • Facilitate students’ acquisition of active listening skills

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Seats are available on a first-come, first-served basis. This concert is limited to students in grades 6-8. Please find registration information above. Physical tickets are not printed for these concerts, but assigned seats are provided for each school/group based on the total number of seats purchased. All schools with an economically disadvantage student population of 75% and above are eligible for $5 discounted tickets for this series. To learn more, please see our discount information below.

*To ensure the safety of all students visiting Jones Hall, all chaperones attending a 20/21 Student Concert will be required to check-in with their school before arriving to the concert to pick up a school guest badge. For more information about school expectations, please see our Day-of Concert Guidelines below.

Schools/Groups of 20 or more:

  • $9.75 – Student Tickets
  • $0.00 – 1 free adult per 10 students (recommended ratio of students to adults)
  • $9.75 – Additional Adult

Small Groups (20 or fewer):

  • $20.00 – Student Ticket
  • $0.00 – 1 free adult per 10 students (recommended ratio of students to adults)
  • $20.00 – Additional Adult


Schools with at least 75% of students identified as economically disadvantaged qualify for discounted ticket prices. Discounted tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis once registration opens, while supplies last. Payment plan options are also available for all groups. To learn how to qualify, contact education.community@houstonsymphony.org.

  • $5.00 – Student Tickets
  • $0.00 – 1 free adult per 10 students (recommended ratio of students to adults)
  • $5.00 – Additional Adult




Bring a musician to visit your band or orchestra classroom around the Middle School Concert! Visit the Pre/Post-Concert Classroom Visits webpage for more information.


Concert Resources

Q: How do I make a reservation?
A: Once registration opens, visit the Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School or High School Concert webpages and complete the online registration form. An official Student Concert Invoice will be sent you in 1 to 3 business days. Up to three weeks following your request you will receive a Student Concert Attendance Contract to be completed by you and your principal.

Q: When will I get my tickets?
A: Physical tickets are not distributed. Each school has assigned seating that accommodates the number of students and adults you have registered for.

Q: How are seats assigned in the hall?
A: All seats are assigned according to group size or specific seating needs. For example, if you should have a group of 300 people, you will only be able to sit together as a group in certain areas of the hall that can accommodate that number, while a group of 50 may fit in another area. Please prepare your students to be ready to sit in ANY area of the hall. All seats have excellent views of the stage!

Q: I have students with special needs in my group: can you accommodate them?
A: If any member of your group has special needs, please inform us on your registration form or via phone upon making a reservation, specifying the nature of their needs.

Q: Do I need to make arrangements for my school’s transportation?
A: Yes. The Houston Symphony does not provide buses for schools attending Student Concerts. The following organizations are good resources for schools needing field trip transportation assistance:

Target Field Trip Grants: Target stores award Field Trip Grants to K-12 schools nationwide. Each grant is valued up to $700. Target accepts grant applications between noon CST Aug. 1 and 11:59 p.m. CST Oct. 1.

Donors Choose: Schools can post their need on donorschoose.org. This is an online charity connecting donors to classroom projects and trips.

The NEA Foundation: The NEA Foundation frequently partners with other organizations to offer grants for projects in specific subject, grade and geographic areas. Find out if any of our special grants align with the work you’re doing.

Q: What time should we arrive for the performance?
A: Plan to arrive at least 30 minutes before the concert is scheduled to begin.

  • 9:10AM for 9:40AM concerts – Doors are open at 9AM. 
  • 10:45AM for 11:15AM concerts
  • 10:00AM for 10:30AM concerts

Q: How long are the Student concerts?
A: Each concert is approximately 60 minutes with a 30-45 minute dismissal time.

Q: Are homeschool students allowed to attend the Student Concerts?
A: Yes, with some conditions. Each concert is designed for specific age groups and we recommend that students of the corresponding age group attend the appropriate concert. Please reserve seats with your Homeschool Co-op to ensure child care for the students outside of the appropriate age range. Grades 2-3 (ages 6-8) for Lower Elementary Concerts, Grades 4-5 (ages 8-11) for Upper Elementary Concerts, Grades 6-8 (ages 11-14) and students who play musical instruments for the Middle School Concerts, and Grades 9-12 (ages 14-18)  and students who play musical instruments for the High School Concerts. Ages 0-5 are not permitted for any of these concerts, but are welcome at our Family Series.

Q: If I am coming by car, where do I park?
A: Visit the Houston Symphony’s Directions & Parking web page for more information.

Q: What is the dress code for Student Concerts?
A: Schools are welcome to have their students wear their school or field trip shirts or, to make the experience special, encourage their students to dress up.

Q: When will I receive my Teacher Resources?
A: Teacher resources will be available online to the schools up to one month prior to the concert.
teachers in attendance are to review concert etiquette and rules in the Teacher’s Guide with their students prior to the performance. Teachers are also responsible for setting an example of concert etiquette and helping to enforce the rules during the performance.

Q: May I bring a camera?
A: No. Cameras and recording devices are prohibited in the concert hall.

Q: Can we bring food to the concert?
A: No. Food and drink, including chewing gum, are prohibited in the concert hall.

Q: My group wants to stay to eat sack lunches after the concert. Is this possible?
A: Yes! Jones Plaza is across the street from Jones Hall and is a great place for a post-concert picnic. Police officers will be on hand to help you and your students cross the street to Jones Plaza. If you choose to picnic at Jones Plaza please do the following: 1) Prior to your concert, notify the Houston Symphony of your plans to walk to Jones Plaza for lunch. 2) Keep all lunches labeled and together in a large container with your school name labeled on the container. Unload the lunch container from the bus when you arrive so it can be stored in the lobby. Food is prohibited inside the concert hall. Each lunch should be labeled with the students’ name.

Q: May I have a refund if a student is absent?
A: Refunds are not possible. Payment is due two weeks prior to the concert to secure the number of seats you may need for all of your students, teachers and chaperones to attend.

Q: What is the address where the Student Concert is performed?
A: The address for Jones Hall for the Performing Arts is 615 Louisiana Street 77002. Please use dropoff directions found here.

Please review and share the resources and procedure guidelines below to ensure a safe and enjoyable concert experience at Jones Hall.

Day-of Concert Guidelines:

These guidelines will help you, your fellow teachers and your students stay organized during the busy concert day. Please share this with all of the teachers attending the concert and take some time during class leading up to the concert to discuss the student rules and concert etiquette with your students.

Bus Arrival Instructions to Jones Hall 

Bus Instructions to Jones Hall – For All Concerts 
Once you have arrived, the instructions below (subject to change based on the city/traffic circumstances on any given day) will be given to the driver by one of the HPD officers on site. It may be helpful to communicate this information to your bus driver in advance. 

9:30 a.m. Concert – Parking Instructions
10:30 a.m. Concert – Parking Instructions
11:15 a.m. Concert – Parking Instructions

Please be sure to have your bus labeled with your school name and have your driver’s phone number with you.

Arrival Instructions for Small Groups 

Most small private or home school groups arrive in separate cars. When you arrive, please check in with a Houston Symphony staff member to get your seat assignment. Please note that the front entry-way gets very crowded, so we recommend going to your seats upon arrival rather than waiting outside for the rest of your group.

Parking instructions for Private Vehicles 


Music in Context: Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4

Concert Objective:
Students will explore Tchaikovsky’s use of orchestration and accompaniment to experience the many moods of fate.

Pre or Post-Concert Classroom Extensions

Movement 1 – Fate: 
Houston Symphony Community-Embedded Musician and violinist, Rainel Joubert introduces the concept of “fate” and how it plays a role in Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4.

Classroom extension: as a class, discuss the concepts of fate and mood, and how both can be represented in music

Movement 4 – Tchaikovsky’s use of Folk Music:
Houston Symphony Community-Embedded Musician and double bassist, David Connor explores folk music, and how Tchaikovsky uses folk melodies in his Symphony No. 4.

Classroom extension:
After watching this video, have your students practice playing the folk melody from Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 on their own. This melody can be found on the PDFs attached below. Prior to the concert, having the experience of playing this melody will allow the students to have an even greater appreciation for the way Tchaikovsky uses this melody in so many different styles and moods throughout the fourth movement.
Playing this melody after the concert would give the class an opportunity to experiment with playing the melody by making decisions that Tchaikovsky made to vary the mood in different ways, by changing the instrument(s), speed, dynamics, style, or by adding different types of accompaniments.

Tchaikovsky 4 Melody – For Orchestra Students

Tchaikovsky 4 Melody – For Band Students

Movement 4 – Power of Accompaniment:
Houston Symphony Community-Embedded Musician and violist, Alexa Thomson describes the power of accompaniment in the fourth movement of Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4

Classroom extension:
After watching this video, use a melody that the entire class is familiar with and experiment with adding different types of accompaniments that can change the mood of the melody.

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