Creating a Group

Create your own unique experience:
Entertain and delight your clients, employees, organization, alumni group, friends and family with a unique night out. Whether your group wants to celebrate in grand style, socialize in an intimate setting, or simply enjoy a musical experience together; share the evening and the music and be rewarded! Many of our groups begin booking their tickets and event space as early as January! Our advice- don’t wait! Your event space is FREE- no cost to you- as long as you host your event the night of a concert. Design your private reception with gourmet caterer Aramark.

Creating a Group is Easy- Easy Tips for Planning A Successful Group Event:
How do I create a group? It’s easy. Tell two friends, who tell two of their friends, who tell four more. Before you know it- you’ve grown your group, increased your savings and tripled you fun! Plan Early! The earlier, the better. Allow yourself plenty of time to make arrangements and to spread the word by encouraging people to place your special event on their calendars. Order Early! The early bird gets the best seats. The earlier you order, the better your seats, the more time you have to plan. We don’t want you to be disappointed if a performance is sold out! Call (713) 238-1435 today! Unsure of the number of people in your group? Take a deep breath and smile. Often people think they have to purchase the total amount of group tickets up front. We take that pressure off of you. With a 20% deposit we will hold the amount of tickets you think you might need. In the end, you only pay for what you need, as long as you contact the Group Sales Department on the agreed upon date. Ask us for help! We created an easy checklist for all our Amazing Group Leaders! Still have questions - your friendly Group Sales Specialists are just a phone call or email away.

How do I grow my group and spread the word?
We’ve discovered the quickest ways to spread the word is by using today’s social media and friends! Post your event on Facebook, Linked In and Twitter. Ask your friends to do the same. Post on your corporate website, church bulletins and schools. Post fliers wherever you find an empty wall! Send out emails. Text your friends. Ask them to share with their friends. Or better yet - use the old fashion form of communication- pick up Alexander Graham Bell and phone your friends. It could offer you a wonderful way to reconnect with old friends. Ask your friends for help! People naturally like to help. Solicit enthusiastic group members to help you promote. Getting help can make your event a huge success, which ultimately will save you time and money! Ask your recruits to become a part of the experience. The day of your special event ask a few of your members to greet guests as they arrive.